Find the Coaching Solution for You

One size does not fit all! Mind Launch Coaching provides customized coaching services that target you and your child's unique needs. We respect the time and investment you are making when you enlist our services, and we will make sure to find an approach that works for you. Contact us today to discuss our many coaching packages and options. 

Coaching for Success: The Comprehensive Executive Function Skills Coaching Program

This package follows our unique four-step approach involving assessment, an individualized plan, student coaching and parent coaching. Working with you and your child we will identify your child's executive function skill strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan to address areas of weakness through weekly coaching sessions. Parent coaching will also be provided so that you can learn to effectively support your child's progress between coaching sessions. 

The Homework Solution

Is homework time a nightly battle? Does your child frequently forget homework or resist completing it? If so, this package is for you. We will work with you and your child to set up routines that will alleviate any power struggles that might have occured over homework in the past while setting your child up for homework success. Weekly or bi-weekly sessions will teach your child strategies related to time management, planning and prioritizing, sustained attention, goal-directed persistence, and organization. This package is also ideal for younger elementary school students whose parents want to proactively establish healthy and effective homework routines that encourage student independence and academic confidence.

Parent Consultation

Is there something you're struggling with related to parenting? Book a one time or ongoing coaching session with us to explore the cause of your struggles and create a plan to address them. Learn better communication skills, troubleshoot common problems, or explore how the process of simplification can restore harmony and relationships in your home. 

Study Smarter, Not Harder: Learning to Learn with Study Skills Training

Does it seem like your child is putting in the effort but not seeing the results? Or does your child struggle to know how to even start an essay, project or study session? Based on your child's needs, we will use coaching sessions to teach and practice a variety of learning strategies. Your child will be asked to reflect on how each strategy worked for him or her to foster ownership and autonomy over his or her learning process. Our goal for this work is to provide your child with a toolbox of strategies from which he or she can select the appropriate tool for any situation. 

Goal Setting, Motivation, Resiliency and Grit

Does your child lack motivation when it comes to school? Does he or she seem directionless, lack confidence, or struggle to stick with something? We will identify the causes of your child's lack of motivation and create a plan involving student and parent coaching to help your child develop intrinsic motivation, grit, and goal-directed persistence. Coaching sessions will also help your child explore long-term goals (what he or she wants to do after high school) and make connections between the actions and choices he or she is making now and how they will help him or her achieve those long-term goals. 

Coaching Packages


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Get Organized!

Is your child's backpack, binder, desk, or bedroom a disaster zone? Does your child struggle to find materials he needs or become overwhelmed by clutter? This package will help your child become organized and establish systems and routines that will maintain that level of organization going forward. Drawing on her experience of working with many students, Mrs. Hawe will identify your child's organizational style and create a customized system just for him or her. This is also a great option for students at the beginning of the year so they start off the year organized!

Project Planning 101

Does your child struggle to complete long-term projects? We will work with your child to breakdown a project into smaller steps and coach him or her through the completion of each one. The project planning skills your child will learn while working on a specific project with us will be able to be applied to future projects. A customized version of this package is also available for high school juniors and seniors working on research projects or the college application process. 

Preparing for Exams

Tests and end of year exams can be especially daunting to some students who suffer from test anxiety, have weak working memories, or lack study skills. Coaching sessions will teach your child how to make a study plan by breaking down material into smaller chunks and how to select appropriate study strategies. By the end of our work together, your child will have a menu of study and test taking strategies from which to draw on in the future. 

Coaching for Reading and Writing Success

Reading and writing tasks place high demands on a child's executive function skills and can pose a particular challenge to students with weak organization, working memory, sustained attention, and flexible thinking skills. As a former English teacher, Mrs. Hawe combines her expertise in literacy instruction with her executive function coaching to create a program that goes beyond comprehension drills by helping students become more independent readers and writers. Most importantly, Mrs. Hawe will help your child discover joy in reading and writing. This package is ideal for reluctant readers, students who struggle to find books they enjoy, students who dread summer reading assignments, and students who struggle with writing assignments.