We launch students on a trajectory to maximize their potential through brain-based student coaching, parent training, and professional development workshops for teachers.


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What Are Executive Function Skills?

The frontal lobe of the brain acts as a kind of air traffic control tower by helping us focus on certain things while filtering out distractions. It's also responsible for controlling our impulses and emotions, initiating tasks, remembering information, planning and prioritizing, being organized, and sticking to our goals. These skills are collectively referred to as executive function skills, and they are essential for success in school and beyond. 


Many students who struggle in school suffer from weak executive function skills. Executive function coaching can dramatically improve academic performance and boost confidence. Our unique approach combines assessment, student coaching, and parent training. We also offer workshops and curriculum packages for schools. 


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About Us

Meet Emily Hawe,

Founder of MindLaunch Coaching


Ms. Hawe combines her wide range of experience as a classroom teacher, executive function coach, teacher developer, parent trainer, and certified Simplicity Parenting Coach to empower students to excel in the classroom and beyond. Prior to transitioning to consulting, she was a tenured 7th grade English teacher at Oyster Bay High School. She holds two Masters degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University in English Education and Higher Education Administration and an undergraduate degree from New York University. 

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